Verse 1

I wanted just to know ya and now I have to see
Myself so disillusioned with your fake mentality
You were roughly designed having a half of your mind
Busy with yourself all the time, how could you be that blind?
That’s all, I beat it! I can’t skip it! Our love’s broken, can you fix it?
That’s a tough row for you to hoe, you always go with the flow
I carry you home all the time you get plastered
U-uh! You behave like a dawg to his master, I feel responsible for you
Gotta stand up for if there someone starts to bag on you
Oh, baby, please,
Believe me, I know what’s your deal
So let me tell you this


Cop my getup!
Oh, wait, hey, wait, why you so annoyed?
Cop my getup!
You’re just a sissy boy
Cop my getup!
Never did what’s not allowed
Cop my getup!
Stop complaining, I’ll hit your mouth!

Verse 2

Moaning, groaning, I hear it all the time
You look geeky with your endless humdrum
But that tears it, take it easy
You’re not strong and I can’t squeeze it
You never know what the plan, Sam
I have to step ahead, be yo leader, gosh damn
You say you’ve got a tooth pain – there you again!
Why you tryina make me yo man?
Oh, baby, please,
You’re such a molly-coddle boy
So let me tell you this


Verse 3

Wanted just to know you, now I have to be
Oh, so disappointed and furious
Thought that you were gorgeous, now it seems to me
It’s time to stop being so curious