You know what ? You got me into mess man!
Now I feel sick of you. You hear me?
Yes, I just hate you!!!
Clients, money, clients…
Fuck it! I get outa here,
Cuz I got lost… and frustrated

Night was saint, it was certain I was born
Ten we were or six, in the store
I stole a can corn
Bun’s first born, happiest to see the sun
Now he turned a big stick and lights action
No matter in the shit or out in the street
Our life was a challemge
We’ve never seen a bit
You said ‘Come, bitter-sweet, those bitches
can’t compete
They stand or they stit, physically unfit
See your Mama has gone just to make bread
Wa-wa-wa-wa you heard what I said?
See your Daddy’s cannabis put him to his knees
See your little sister’s hungry come
and get her a piece
Fuck your creed! I hate it, well I am free
And I got what I need to make you proseed
You walk like that shit I see chewing tea
A-ah occasionally to connection K.T.’


Hey yo, hey yo.
You said ‘Come on, baby, yo
I’ll never let you down”
Hey yo, hey yo!
I changed my second name
And passport, left the town
Hey yo, hey yo!
Any time, any place
Swore to protect me
Hey yo, hey yo!
I was followed by your black shadow
meant to neglect me.

No one can taste the game that I bring
I don’t impress, I just do my thing
I wanna be safer, I wake up, take off my makeup
Cuz I break up since I know that you fake up
Bitch, come a little closer, let me put in on ya
Lady with a gigolo you think they would want ya?
I don’t understand – you said that it’s grand!
But even through reality I seek my heart around


Of course you gotta say ‘Them bitches stick to me’
You got the latest Porche and blow job for free
You think you look so easy, but I know you’re not
How can you look that easy, man, turning virgins into sluts?
Heh! You make me laugh! You look so worthless,
I said that’s enough
Your life is dangerous, you sniff your coke and cough
I know that you feel dizzy
Life is busy, but I’m pretty tough


You got me into mess
But you could never guess
That’s the end of the film
So goodbye
Goodbye, pimp