Verse 1

Little boys and girls fingers get frozen
As the New Year’s night coming closer
T-s-s-s! They are still happy and fine
Cuz they dunno yet who’ll be their Merry Santa this time!
“Tell us! Tell us!” – Your Santa’s nasty and hot
She’s gonna come to your house when she’s through with her pot
“Hey, Santa, it’s time to get to the car!” – “Wait ‘till I’m shaved, dork,
Warm up your choo-choo so far! Where’s my bra?
And my holiday pants? Fuck! Here they are!
Up to the midnight I should be a star, you see –
I gotta get dressed and be ready, a-ha! Ah?
No chupa-chups, no chocolate, no toys –
Phallus for ladies and “Hustler” for boys!”
“What? Who’s gonna let you in?”
“Open the door, cuz the party begins!”


On N.Y. Eve I will come to you, bum!
Yo, baby-killa, don’t drink like a fish,
Don’t make me nervous, just make a wish!
On N.Y. Eve would you mime my new rhyme? “A-ha!”
Take it easy and shake your body
Get your friends to the dance, yo!

Verse 2

Frosty blushed grills, eyes are beaming
Snow-balls, snow-buns, snow-tits trimming
Why the fuck I have this bad reputation? Fuck that!
I’m heading to the next destination
Knock-knock-“Who’s that?”-knock-knock-“Guess who!
Idiot! It’s Santa came to visit you!
Yo, 20-years’ oldster didn’t know I’m true,
I’m tired and I’m hungry! Boo-hoo!
Get your homey’s face outa my salad
You have a nice place full of callow fellows
Get me a Champaign with a splash of peach juice!
Hey, everybody, yo, listen to my good news:
No chupa-chups, no chocolate, no toys –
Phallus for ladies and “Hustler” for boys!
Don’t be that dragging, isn’t it racing?
Do as I do – get funky and messy!


“Hey, it’s not yours, look, it’s written here: “For little Tommy Johns”, right?
“Yea, you are right, but you are too young to listen to such cheesy crap, so give it to me and go nap-nap, buddy!”