Stereolizza’s Tough Love (a review by David Smith, Global Musicians Fish Pond)

david-smith-fish-pond-stereolizzaStereolizza is a truly global band on a mission; Lizza and AlecZero have roots in Ukraine, Russia, and Poland, and they are well-recognized across Europe for their brand of sexy Europop; it’s the club scene at it’s best. They’ve kept up with the times, and in “Go Back to your Mama”, delivered everything I wanted from a dance track; there’s a little story, there’s attitude, some beautiful imagery from the Mojave desert in the video, and above all a beat that makes me want to be back in Madrid and re-living that long Saturday night in May 2012, at Kapital.

This song is so Euro, it takes me back to my life 10+ years ago, as dance music evolved over the 80’s and 90’s and into the world of joyful percussive and clever electronica that it’s become in 2013. It’s great in that it retains everything that I like about the genre; simple, dependable, and the more you listen to it, the more it will stick in your head. Club music like this needs to be strong, simple, continuous, but with a little something extra to make it stand out and get the band signed. And that’s exactly what Stereolizza has done here.

The track starts with a nice bit of ambient keyboard sound with Lizza’s vocal showcased beautifully to set the rest of the composition up;

“go back to your mama, go back to your mama
too good to be mine, I cannot handle your drama”

And we begin; I love Lizza’s voice-with-attitude as the beat kicks in. As I listen to this song to review it, it’s a beautiful spring morning, and this is the perfect accompaniment. It makes me want to purse my lips, get some attitude, put my shades on, and say “peace” to the world and drive down some long, open road and do something really badass.

“You gotta let go,
You gotta get low, low”

Go-Back-To-Your-Mama-StereolizzaShe tells a story; and I always love the stories that are present in all of our music as we write. It’s a vision of empowerment, being with someone, finding them – quite honestly – completely and utterly inadequate, chewing them up, and spitting them out, forcefully, with every word that’s uttered:

“Go back to your mama”

The beat is relentless, varied with the electronic backing to give us the right amount of change to keep it interesting, yet predictable enough to make it a solid dance track; in short, the sections repeat enough for you to know what’s coming, and really get into it – as with good club music, the song allows you to absorb yourself into the mood of the music and to live it. The sound builds like a wave, and the waves just keep on crashing in.

A really quirky and fitting theme is that there is always a new vehement lyric to enjoy as you immerse yourself in the attitude of the song.

“Don’t look at me like that,
cuz you know nothing about my swagger”

The music dies, but the attitude is still there; “vengeance is mine”, saith Lizza. I have a wry smile on my face, I’m feeling bold. See, I’m from a previous period, a time of raves, Carter USM, the Orb, Fatboy Slim, and perhaps the best of the era (for me), Keith Flint and the Prodigy. And listening to this, I’m in the perfect mood to collect some next generation beats from our Fish Pond family, mix them up with some old school dance music, and go out clubbing. Maybe to Madrid where Kapital kicks out at 7:30 a.m.

I’ll leave the last word to Lizza; with guts and glory like this, how can Sterolizza possibly fail?

“I will say it in your face,
Just like I say it when I mean it,
If you can’t keep up with me,
I recommend you beat it”

“Go Back To Your Mama” has been released in Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, and Greece; the releases in Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg are slated for April 2013.


A review by David Smith, Global Musicians Fish Pond




New EP is out


-138-LOGO NEW copiaOn March 8th, 2013, on the same date that “Carousel” was first released, Ego Music Italy launches the international release of “Go Back To Your Mama” EP, including the original and radio edit of Stereolizza’s song “Go Back To Your Mama”, adding “Go Back To Your Mama” club remix from Rico Bernasconi & Jordy, a legend in the EDM world and he made a lot of successful remixes played in the best clubs all over the world; and a remix by Stereo Palma – one of the most important DJs and Producers from Hungary. They worked together with Craig David for they latest work “Our Love”. They were in former Buzz Chart and Cool Cuts Chart Top 20, supported by BBC Radio 1;  released on major Dance labels worldwide such as Ultra Music, 3beat Records and Ministry of Sound.

Following the releases in Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Israel, EGO Music becomes the fifth label after StereoZzilla Music, Magic Records, Kontor and Teta to release the track, but this time turning it into an extended play. Established in 2004 by former V2 Music Italy and Virgin Italy A&R Ilario Drago, Ego is one of the Top 3 Best Italian Dance Labels, and it sets the standard as one of the world’s most respected Dance labels today. A division of the Vae Victis Srl group, operating from their renowned HQ located in Verbania, Ego has built up a formidable reputation finding itself at the forefront of both the national market and overseas, achieving coveted hotspots in The Official Charts including F.I.M.I. Top Digital Downloads, iTunes Singles and Albums, Beatport Top 100 and The French Top 40 Singles as well as the Nielsen Soundscan Multi-Platinum certification.

  1. 1Go Back To Your Mama (AlecZerø Mix)
  2. 2Go Back To Your Mama (Bernasconi & Jordy Radio Rmx)Buy on iTunes
  3. 3Go Back to Your Mama (Bernasconi & Jordy Club Rmx)Buy on iTunes Lyrics
  4. 4Go Back To Your Mama (Stereo Palma Edit)Buy on iTunes
  5. 5Go Back To Your Mama (Stereo Palma Mix)Buy on iTunes Lyrics

Kontor Records Will Release “Go Back To Your Mama”


Kontor Records, one of the most influential dance labels on European dance music scene and the biggest electronic/dance labels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will release Stereolizza’s track
on “House of House” Official Minimix HD. This release will be the first step in Stereolizza’s co-operation with the German label.

Available in stores on FEBRUARY 1, 2013


Stereolizza’s Ukrainian Christmas


For Christmas holidays Stereolizza went to her home town Kiev, Ukraine. The stay was full of events – Lizza paid a visit to M1 Music Channel, Europa Plus Ukraine Radio and What’s On Magazine.

Read Stereolizza’s interview for What’s On Magazine:


Stereolizza Signed a Record Deal



December 11, 2012 – Stereolizza announced their signing with their long time friend and partner Magic Records, a label of Universal Music Group. “We are not orphans anymore! We are very excited to have a new home label! It will be a close long-time cooperation and we believe it will be very fruitful,” – Lizza says.

Magic Records, on their end, have big time plans for Stereolizza’s new single “Go Back To Your Mama”: “We were thrilled when we first heard this song and felt the same good energy of “X.Y.Z.”, which is a very good sign for us,” said the label President Monika Kaminska.

The band is now working on new singles, as well as their new album, with a lot of exciting releases planned for 2013.


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