April 9, 2012


This Easter weekend we were hanging out at Moby’s house in Hollywood Hills. Luckily, the weather was awesome, we were able to get some tan, as well as swim in the pool and relax.

Guests brought their dogs, so it really resembled a pet kindergarten! Wish I had a dog. No, I wish I were not allergic to pets 🙁

360 views from the house:

February 12, 2012


We showed up right on time, but even by then the entrance to Beso, the restaurant of the “desperate housewife” Eva Longoria, was blocked by a huge crowed of those invited.

We had to work with our elbows very well to get in, and as soon as we got in, we had to work even more to get out. Tooo many people here. A chance to meet Eva Longoria now seemed not as appealing. Let us just get outa here!

So we decided to go somewhere else. Walking along Hollywood boulevard, we had a glimpse at the newly installed star of Jennifer Lopez, sipped Campaign at W Hotel and then went to bed – tomorrow is a new day, gotta right some new songs!

Adhemas Batista will create Stereolizza’s cover artwork!

adhemas batistaLos Angeles, August 18, 2011 – Adhemas Batista, a world famous artist and illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has agreed to work on Stereolizza’s new album artwork!

The name of the album and the idea of the artwork is still kept secret, but it will totally be a provocative, “in your face”, and funny piece of art.

“When I saw Adhemas’ works, I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was thrilled from the bottom of my heart! His bright screaming colors and straightforward style were so much in the feel of the music that AlecZero and I are now working on. So I called him right away! He’s a real guru of digital arts!” – Lizza comments.

Adhemas Batista is world-renowned for his colorful and distinctive illustrative style that he brings to his projects. Batista’s creative vision has earned him many advertising and design accolades that include a Golden Lion in Cannes Festival 2009, two Gold Statues in the London International Awards, One Show Interactive, FWA, and was named Brazilian Young Creative in the Cannes Advertising Festival. Read more about Adhemas Batista here
Also visit http://adhemas.com