“Go Back To Your Mama” Greek Release

planetworks-greece-stereolizzaPlanetworks Greece recently released “Go Back To Your Mama” by Stereolizza. Planetworks is the leading Greek Independent Record Company awarded with numerous Platinum and Gold records. It was established 17 years ago and through these years. PW managed to represent and create some of the greatest Pop/Dance Hits and is the creator of the most successful Compilations series.

Planetworks also made a video remix using Stereolizza’s music video and “Go Back To Your Mama” remix by Bernasconi and Jordy. You can view it below:


Verse 1

Feel my heartbeat
You’re sweet
You feel the heat
Oh, yeah!
Come on, you got it, got it
You look defeated
Cuz you know what I need
Relax and have a seat
I am your secret party-party
Until the round is complete

Hey! Hey! Let’s start it
Don’t tell me no
I really wanna ride it
Before I let you go
Hey, hey! My body
Gets high and low
I can’t just stop I shout it
Because you gotta know


I like this carousel
I know you can make it well
Move it, move it up and down
Now let us turn around
I like this carousel
I know you can make it well
Move it, move it up and down

Verse 2

You make me sway
It takes my breath away
My hair
Is getting frizzy-frizzy
I take it easy
As I get right on top
I shake it and you pop
I like it
When you’re dizzy-dizzy
A-ha, it’s too late to stop



Up and down, no one is around
Do it like I do it
And you’ll feel it like I feel it
One more time be mine
Baby unwind
Free your perfect body, your emotions
I know what is on your mind