Stereolizza Signed a Record Deal



December 11, 2012 – Stereolizza announced their signing with their long time friend and partner Magic Records, a label of Universal Music Group. “We are not orphans anymore! We are very excited to have a new home label! It will be a close long-time cooperation and we believe it will be very fruitful,” – Lizza says.

Magic Records, on their end, have big time plans for Stereolizza’s new single “Go Back To Your Mama”: “We were thrilled when we first heard this song and felt the same good energy of “X.Y.Z.”, which is a very good sign for us,” said the label President Monika Kaminska.

The band is now working on new singles, as well as their new album, with a lot of exciting releases planned for 2013.


MyMusic Will Release Carousel in Poland

Stereolizza’s “Carousel” will now be supported and released by one of the biggest independent labels in Poland – MyMusic.

MyMusic that is a part of MyMusic Group is an independent record label that has been working with music artists for over 10 years on the Polish and international music markets. MyMusic’s catalog of artists includes local and international stars, representing nearly all musical genres.

Stereolizza’s release in Poland is expected in late June 2012.

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New adds in Poland!

Radio Glos (Poland) adds Stereolizza’s “Carousel” to their playlist!

More to come!

PREMIER! “Carousel” on ESKA Radio, Poland

Stereolizza’s “Carousel” has premiered on the biggest radio network in Poland – ESKA radio. ESKA is pop, dance and r&b music – contemporary hit radio (35 local stations).

Check this out!

Stay tuned!