“Go Back To Your Mama” Premiere

“Go Back To Your Mama” is a new track from the band. Stereolizza continues to radiate urban pop vibes keeping that attitude and swagger that we already know from the times of “X.Y.Z.”, but adding elements of house music to their style.

Scouting for shooting locations for the music video, Lizza and AlecZero came across a lonely church in Mojave desert and met with its Minister, Oscar Castaneda. He told the story of the Calvary Baptist Church – it was that Hi Vista church where Quentin Tarantino shot the wedding scene for “Kill Bill”. Stereolizza were looking for a trailer for one of the scenes of the music video, and Oscar showed them an old bus parked his back yard for many years. It turned out he had another exact same bus, but Tarantino bought him back in times and blew it up during his famous “Kill Bill” shoot.

Stereolizza’s “Go Back To Your Mama” music video just premiered on the biggest national music TV channel in Ukraine – M1,¬†broadcasting to 27,5 million Ukrainians.


MyMusic Will Release Carousel in Poland

Stereolizza’s “Carousel” will now be supported and released by one of the biggest independent labels in Poland – MyMusic.

MyMusic that is a part of MyMusic Group is an independent record label that has been working with music artists for over 10 years on the Polish and international music markets. MyMusic’s catalog of artists includes local and international stars, representing nearly all musical genres.

Stereolizza’s release in Poland is expected in late June 2012.

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New adds in Poland!

Radio Glos (Poland) adds Stereolizza’s “Carousel” to their playlist!

More to come!

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