Adhemas Batista will create Stereolizza’s cover artwork!

adhemas batistaLos Angeles, August 18, 2011 – Adhemas Batista, a world famous artist and illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has agreed to work on Stereolizza’s new album artwork!

The name of the album and the idea of the artwork is still kept secret, but it will totally be a provocative, “in your face”, and funny piece of art.

“When I saw Adhemas’ works, I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was thrilled from the bottom of my heart! His bright screaming colors and straightforward style were so much in the feel of the music that AlecZero and I are now working on. So I called him right away! He’s a real guru of digital arts!” – Lizza comments.

Adhemas Batista is world-renowned for his colorful and distinctive illustrative style that he brings to his projects. Batista’s creative vision has earned him many advertising and design accolades that include a Golden Lion in Cannes Festival 2009, two Gold Statues in the London International Awards, One Show Interactive, FWA, and was named Brazilian Young Creative in the Cannes Advertising Festival. Read more about Adhemas Batista here
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Since We Live Together

Damn, woman! Where’s my beer now?

Oh, what a headache i’ve got after that big crazy
I got drunk, shot my wad and I felt like junk
Then I realized something changed
And now I see you by my side –
You are my man, I am your bride
It happened so suddenly and will last eternally
I’m confused to a T, I can’t believe this could be
I see that marriage is not what they used to show on TV
Now I guessed what it means to me –
I’m getting less and less free

I see you every day – it should be otherwise
Every week for me is like seven tries
When I sex with you – it’s just an exercise
I’m stuck forever!


It goes on and on
Since we live together (x2)
It goes on and on
I love you right along
But it’s not easy to be patient and strong
It goes on and on
Now I see that my big love is gone
It goes on and on I’ll never leave you alone
But it’s not easy to be patient and strong

Some time passed and I discovered that you’re a poke,
You splutter when you talk, limb when you walk and do your daily work
I started noticing the most unimportant things
And everything that’s happening to me is like a sick joke!
I’m so disgusted when you tremblekiss me
You’re weak and you’re freak and you can’t possess me
You found no approaches to my personality,
Can not undress me, caress me, protect and guess me

I can’t stand it anymore – I get in such a rise
You know what it’s for, you try to be wise
I snafu all again – you apologize
I’m stuck forever!


My mama told me I should be nice
I shouldn’t curse and drink too much
I’ve never taken her good advice
And now I have to pay the price

It’s like in childhood – the sweetest kasha turns into shit
When mama stuffs another spoon and says that I must eat
If it’s not eaten – I’ll be beaten, so I had to spit!
Now I spit your love – it became too sweet
Driving me mad, I said I’d better be dead
Eat my morning bread, be fat, the situation’s all wet
I gotta go to your bed and simply get what I get ’cause
It’s my motherfucking duty you said!


Since then I don’t take any decisions one over the eight
Think before jump! I’m telling you straight, ’cause it can be late!

Favorite Mistress

Dry your tears, sista

Hey, yo, listen to me
It’s not the first time you get into such a situation
Cuz I’m sure you used to do something that you didn’t really want to
You just tried to justify somebody’s hopes, but failed,
Because your desire to do it was fake
And then you felt so bad!

Verse 1

I’m not nervous, mommy, I’m just tired to be your docile daughter
You always wanted me to become a sort of “must-have-been-you”,
Fulfil your childhood dream come hell or high water
And I really got it, yeah, I was trying to be upfront
But you were blind to my truth – it didn’t correspond
To the picture of the world which you wanted me to live in
Even you kept rubbing it in and now you see me leaving
Raised your eyebrows on how I could live in such a mess
I confess, I needed a bit of everything
You said it’s worthless, but I yelled  – order is sameness
The only thing that I got from you was just your protest
So I had to be good, I had to be polite – it annoyed me
Sometimes I needed a bloody fight, but def I had to put out
My tremendous inner light – it destroyed me
I wouldn’t get you upset, so I did as you said I might


Look, I was trying to get
Your esteem and your respect
I really stood on my head
To grow your favorite mistress
But then I felt myself bent
I understood that’s the end
Because I wasn’t quite meant
To be your favorite mistress

Verse 2

And my lover wasn’t good for you – he was a creep you said
Negligible quantity, he made you feel so bad
My man should be well-heeled, and he should be the best
But who is that hollow dork? You hate his ass
You never let him in the door – he caused you distress
No matter it hurt me deep it turned to abscess
I followed your policy to be pure
Apart from my feelings they were caged for sure
Strict clothes, good manners, artificial speeches
I’m gorgeous, real lady, unlike those stupid bitches
But I felt ill at ease, I should believe you
Still it’s my life, I’m the only one to live it
First, I didn’t think of resisting you at all
But everything I did in my life incited only gall
I knew it was time for my stubborn mannish nature as you call it
And all my being claimed I didn’t really want it


Verse 3

Coming up, coming up to your big goal
I give up, screw it up, and I am in fault
Trying to reach ya, you were trying to teach me
Reluctant to diss ya, now I kiss ya
Forgive me, I failed to be an exemplary split
Simply I turned out to be completely unfit
I’m a bad girl, and all my chances are hurled
But now I feel much better and my grounds are firm


New Year Hairy Tale

Verse 1

Little boys and girls fingers get frozen
As the New Year’s night coming closer
T-s-s-s! They are still happy and fine
Cuz they dunno yet who’ll be their Merry Santa this time!
“Tell us! Tell us!” – Your Santa’s nasty and hot
She’s gonna come to your house when she’s through with her pot
“Hey, Santa, it’s time to get to the car!” – “Wait ‘till I’m shaved, dork,
Warm up your choo-choo so far! Where’s my bra?
And my holiday pants? Fuck! Here they are!
Up to the midnight I should be a star, you see –
I gotta get dressed and be ready, a-ha! Ah?
No chupa-chups, no chocolate, no toys –
Phallus for ladies and “Hustler” for boys!”
“What? Who’s gonna let you in?”
“Open the door, cuz the party begins!”


On N.Y. Eve I will come to you, bum!
Yo, baby-killa, don’t drink like a fish,
Don’t make me nervous, just make a wish!
On N.Y. Eve would you mime my new rhyme? “A-ha!”
Take it easy and shake your body
Get your friends to the dance, yo!

Verse 2

Frosty blushed grills, eyes are beaming
Snow-balls, snow-buns, snow-tits trimming
Why the fuck I have this bad reputation? Fuck that!
I’m heading to the next destination
Knock-knock-“Who’s that?”-knock-knock-“Guess who!
Idiot! It’s Santa came to visit you!
Yo, 20-years’ oldster didn’t know I’m true,
I’m tired and I’m hungry! Boo-hoo!
Get your homey’s face outa my salad
You have a nice place full of callow fellows
Get me a Champaign with a splash of peach juice!
Hey, everybody, yo, listen to my good news:
No chupa-chups, no chocolate, no toys –
Phallus for ladies and “Hustler” for boys!
Don’t be that dragging, isn’t it racing?
Do as I do – get funky and messy!


“Hey, it’s not yours, look, it’s written here: “For little Tommy Johns”, right?
“Yea, you are right, but you are too young to listen to such cheesy crap, so give it to me and go nap-nap, buddy!”

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