Verse 1

I was born pure two tens years ago
Enjoying my mum’s tits knowing nothing ‘bout this world
Now I’m grown up, and I’ve gone up to University
And now I feel I’m thrown up
They just raise you like plants willing to get the best brand
For their own needs and they grow mad
If you dare to oppose they just tread you down and through
If you follow their words oh, they worship you
No one care if you’ll die, no one care if you’ll be
No one risks not to lie and you start to believe
In’em promising words and new programs
Peaceful intentions and political slogans
Cry whenever you cry, see whatever you see
If you try to deny, you will never be free
Thinking of what and how and why it should be
But you’re just a small pawn in their big deal


I hate being sold
And my state’s getting colder
I try to resist and I fall but I hold on
Cuz when you’re here I feel stronger
I ate just a part of this shit I belong to
I break with the future I stop and I don’t go
But you’re my lust to live longer

Verse 2

Can’t stand watchin’ children grow into these beasts
Their toys turn into real weapon, serve for their needs
Aimed at million hearts included to their black-lists
‘Cuz they’re missed and they’re hurt, gotta keep tight fists
They wanna gain power not still knowing how to use it right
Look how they handle it without any insight
Settle the problem right, use bomb fight, adjust the sight,
Demonstratin’ their might they’ll never see the light
Pressin’ their order, cursin’ they murder
Vultures they gain their aim spit and go further
Cannot live without things one won’t think about
I’m lost and exhausted, Jesus, it brings me out
I don’t need any stakes, I just feel what I feel
Wanna belong to the next generation that’s real
Just wanna live and love, be loved and be free
I don’t need any rules designed to twist me